The Window Dryer Vent

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The Window Dryer Vent

The only dryer vent designed to go in a window, the "Window Dryer Vent"

Sometimes venting through a wall isn't an option and more creative solutions need to be considered. Stepping up to answer this problem is Vent Works, with their new 4 inch adjustable window dryer vent. This provides a perfect solution allowing venting out almost any window and includes a back draft damper to protect against drafts from outdoors.“We try our best to be as innovative as possible and to keep an eye on products our customers would like to see us manufacture,” commented Jon Provencal owner of the company. “This is exactly the case with our new window vent insert, which is an item so many people have asked about in the past. We are certain this is going to be a big product, it performs very well and is put together with the same high-quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail that we are known for.” The window dryer vent is made of 24 gauge galvanized steel and it can fit in windows from 14 inches to 36 inches wide. The vent is designed with an enlarged exterior hood to make air flow resistance as low as possible. The 4 inch adjustable window dryer vent is currently available directly from Vent Works for $59.99.



Early customer feedback to the new product has been enthusiastic.
Marie W., from Florida recently said, "Just got the vent delivered. Great! I was worried it would be flimsy, but it's nice and strong and put together professionally. I haven't put it in the window yet because I need to buy a dryer, but it will be perfect. I passed your website address along to Lowe's where I will be buying my dryer. I have a feeling the manager in appliances will be letting people who need a window vent know about you because as big as Lowe's is it had nothing that would work for me (vent-wise). I normally don't write people with good comments but there are so many rip-off places nowadays that I wanted to applaud one of the good guys. Good luck; you deserve it."

Window Dryer Vent by Vent Works (Back View)

Window Dryer Vent Specifications
3 Sizes

Window Dryer Vent by Vent Works
Product Name Window Dryer Vent
Manufacturer Vent Works
(760999896021)  (709870687013)  (709870687006)
SKU (WDV-14)  (WDV-18)  (WDV-24)
Product Weight
(2lbs)  (3lbs)  (4lbs)
Shipping Weight (4lbs)  (5lbs)  (6lbs)
Dimensions Panel Height 8" inch
Panel Width 1-1/8" inch
Panel Length 14"-18" inch, 18"-24" inch, 24"-36" inch (3 sizes)
Hood Height 6" inch
Hood Width 5" inch
Hood Sticks Out 4-1/4" inch
Duct Diameter 4" inch round duct outlet (standard dryer vent)
Material 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Aluminum Spring Loaded Back-Draft Damper


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Window Dryer Vent Features

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