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Vent Works is a manufacturer and retailer of ventilation products. Although we improve existing products so they work better, our primary focus is to create and bring to market products that have not previously existed. We are in the process of expanding our dryer vent and window vent product lines which will include new designs, more sizes and brand new products that aren't available anywhere else.


The Dryer Vent Blog

How to Insulate the Window Dryer Vent

May 10, 2017

If you're going to be using the window dryer vent as a permanent solution and you live in harsh climates, we suggest you insulate it.  In this article, we show how to insulate the window vent with rigid foam board insulation which is our preferred method. We then describe insulation effectiveness, briefly discuss three common types of insulation, and end by describing how to adequately weather seal the vent.


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Window Dryer Vent Review

September 09, 2014

Window Dryer Vent ReviewI recently moved and, in my new home, the location that the first owner used to place their washer and dryer was really inconvenient. I decided to rearrange things and, when I was done, I was very pleased with myself that the new setup was much more convenient and gave me a lot more room in my washroom.

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The Window Dryer Vent

August 22, 2014

Vent A Dryer Through A WindowThe only dryer vent designed to go in a window. This provides a perfect solution allowing venting out almost any window and includes a back draft damper to protect against drafts from outdoors.“We try our best to be as innovative as possible and to keep an eye on products our customers would like to see us manufacture.

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