About Vent Works

Vent Works is a manufacturer and retailer of specialty ventilation products. Although we improve existing products for cosmetics and efficiency, our primary focus is to create and bring to market products that have previously not existed. We are in the process of expanding our dryer vent and window vent product lines which will include new designs, more sizes and brand new products that are not available anywhere else.

We will continue to add new products and upgrade features to our existing line of products. We are committed to continually upgrading our manufacturing facilities so we can produce innovative products of greater precision and value. We use high-quality materials and craftsmanship, with an attention to detail, when fabricating our products.


Jon Provencal

Jon Provencal (Co-Founder of Vent Works)

Jon Provencal, (co-founder) had been part of the ventilation industry for more than 25 years. He started welding structural steel in high school but soon realized that sheet metal was more interesting to him, He went on to study ventilation full time while working within the industry. In 1994 he and a partner started a successful HVAC service company and 10 years later he started his own commercial kitchen ventilation company. After creating many different products for people throughout the years, Jon realized that product design and fabrication was his true passion. 


Kyle Provencal

Kyle Provencal (Co-Founder of Vent Works)Kyle Provencal, (co-founder) has been involved in business management for 7 years. He started selling digital goods online in 2007 while working in product ventilation manufacturing and going to school for sheet metal fabrication. Then he went on to work for a large sheet metal fabrication company that built everything from basic ductwork to metal work for skyscrapers. 


Jon and Kyle

In 2013 Jon and Kyle founded Vent Works for the purpose of providing high quality, hard to find, and/or nonexistent ventilation products. Originally Jon, with a few pieces of equipment, started designing and building products under his carport in his driveway. Kyle worked on business development, marketing, and website design out of a small office in his home. Demand began to grow and they were soon ready to obtain a space where design, production and, administration could be done in the same building. As the new facility was getting up and running, Jon was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away 3 months later. Although the loss of Jon was devastating, Kyle is determined to pursue the vision that he and his father created.


Our Headquarters

The Vent Works production facility is located at:
322 Wells Street
Greenfield, MA, 01301