About Us

Vent Works is a manufacturer and retailer of specialty ventilation products. Although we improve existing products for quality and efficiency, our primary focus is to create and bring to market products that have not previously existed.

Our History

Vent Works was founded by the Father/Son team of Jon and Kyle Provencal in 2013 after having worked in the ventilation field for years and noticing the lack of new, high quality product development in the industry.

That’s why we designed our first product, the Window Vent Insert, for hobby spray booth users who were looking for a safe and easy way to vent their booths through a window. We realized that this product could be used for more common applications, including venting for clothes dryers, and the name was changed to the Window Dryer Vent. This vent remains the only dryer vent designed for window installation and passes all US commercial and residential building codes.

Customer requests led to creating our custom spray booth parts, and we’re still the ‘go to’ supplier for DIY spray booth parts and instructions, allowing our customers to easily build their own custom booths. Our 4” Window Dryer Vent is now available in five sizes, we’ve also added a 6” window vent version for larger ventilation applications, and we continue to provide high quality wall vents and ducting components.

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on expanding our product lines with high quality ventilation products that perform beyond expectation and solve our consumers challenging ventilation needs.

Our Headquarters

The Vent Works production facility is located at:
322 Wells Street
Greenfield, MA, 01301