Product Authenticity

Authentic Vent Works products are sold exclusively through a small number of authorized marketplaces and directly on We are noticing an increase in the number of unauthorized sellers offering our products for sale through websites and/or marketplaces. These entities are misleading online shoppers, Vent Works does not authorize any individual or company to sell our products. We sell our products through various third party marketplaces but always under the name Vent Works. If you find a Vent Works brand product that is being sold under a name other than Vent Works, it is not authentic. We do not verify authenticity of any Vent Works product sold on unauthorized platforms, and we are in no way responsible for customer issues/complaints that arise from inauthentic selling/buying of our products.

Vent Works products are crafted with the highest quality materials, design, and craftsmanship. “Made in America” is an integral part of the brand of Vent Works, therefore all authentic Vent Works products are manufactured in and shipped from the USA.