DIY Hobby Spray Booth Kit


  • This DIY Hobby Spray Booth Kit includes all 3 of the components we produce for spray booths.

    Fan Mount Panel which provides an easy way to mount a Dayton Blower 6FHX9 onto a DIY Hobby Spray Booth. 

    Filter Rack designed to hold a 12x24x1 inch standard furnace filters.

    Square to Round Fan Adapter to exhaust the Dayton Blower 6FHX9. This adapter transitions from the odd-sized square exhaust outlet on the blower to a standard 4 inch circular duct.

    For more info including specs look on the item detail page.

    Build your own spray booth and do it right the first time! Read the article to see how we did it.

    DIY Hobby Spray Booth

Type: Spray Booth