Window Dryer Vent

  • Sometimes venting through a wall isn't an option and more creative solutions need to be considered; the 4 inch adjustable window dryer vent by Vent Works was designed to provide the perfect solution for those that need to vent a dryer out of a window.

    The window dryer vent is made with 24 gauge galvanized steel and has an aluminum back draft damper to prevent drafting from outdoors, it's the perfect solution if venting through the wall is not an option, or is undesirable. Simply place the vent in an open window, slide the side panels to fit the window opening (14inch - 36inch window), and close the window. Standard, low profile dryer vent caps add considerable resistance to airflow. So we designed this vent with an enlarged exterior hood to minimize airflow resistance.

    This window vent can also be used to vent spray booths, laser engraving machines, exhaust fan blowers and virtually anything else with a 4" inch round exhaust.

  • Window Dryer Vent Specifications

    • Dimensions:
      Panel Height 8" inch 
      Panel Width 1-1/8" inch

      Panel Length 14"-18" inch, 18"-24" inch, 24"-36" inch (3 sizes)
      Hood Height 6" inch
      Hood Width 5" inch
      Hood Sticks Out 4-1/4" inch
      Duct Diameter 4" inch round duct outlet (standard dryer vent)
    • Materials:
      24 gauge galvanized steel panels
      Aluminum spring loaded backdraft damper
    • One year warranty
    • Made In USA
  • Should I insulate the window vent?

    If you're going to be using the window dryer vent as a permanent solution during the winter months in a cold climate, we suggest you insulate it. Foam board or blanket insulation works well and is available at most home improvement stores.

    Can this be used at the top of a window?

    Yes it can; we have customers that have installed the window vent in the top window and it works fine, however care must be taken to make sure that the top window does not slide down. One way to do this is to cut a piece of wood that fits tightly between the bottom of the top window and the sill. You can also put screws through the side panels and into the window casing.

    Do you create custom sizes?

    No, we don't create custom sized vents.

    Do you have a vertical window dryer vent?

    No, we do not have a vertical version yet.

    Is there a screen in the vent?

    No, our dryer vent does not have a screen. It doesn't need one; the spring loaded damper keeps animals and drafts out. 

    Do I have to modify anything to install it?

    No, our window vents don't have to be modified and installation is as simple as placing it in a window and closing the window.


    Is assembly required?

    No, our window dryer vent comes completely assembled and ready to go in your window.


    Can it be used to vent a hobby spray booth?

    Yes, a lot of people use it to exhaust their spray booth, as a matter of fact we have created a window vent that is perfect for venting the Artograph 1530 spray booth. See: window vent insert dual

    Where can I buy exhaust vent pipe?

    This window vent uses a single 4 inch round exhaust outlet that can be vented with standard dryer vent ducting, which is readily available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

    Do you ship internationally?

    No, we do not currently ship outside of the United States.

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