Window Vent Insert 4" Dual (discontinued)

  • Vent Works 4 inch adjustable window vent insert dual is perfect for venting a Artograph Model 1530 spray booth out a window.

    This window vent insert is made with 24 gauge galvanized steel and has an aluminum back draft damper to prevent drafting from outdoors, it's the perfect solution if venting through the wall is not an option, or is undesirable. Simply place the vent hood in an open window, slide the side panels to fit the window opening (24inch - 36inch window), and close the window. Standard, low profile dryer vent caps add considerable resistance to air flow. So we designed this vent with an enlarged exterior hood to minimize air flow resistance.

  • Window Vent 4" Specifications

    • Dimensions: Height: 8 inch, Width: Adjusts 24 inch through 36 inch
    • Material: 24 Gauge Galvanized steel
    • Aluminum back draft damper
    • 4 inch round exhaust duct outlet for easy venting (standard dryer vent)
    • One year warranty
    • Made In USA
  • Can it be used with the Artograph 1530 Hobby Model Spray Booth?

    Yes, as a matter of fact we created this product in response to feedback we received from Artograph 1530 owners who needed to vent their dual exhaust booths.


    Is assembly required?

    No, our window vents come completely assembled and ready to go in your window.

    Do I have to modify anything to install it?

    No, our window vents don't need to be modified and installation is as simple as placing it in a window and closing the window.


    Can it be used with dryers?

    Yes, a lot of people in apartment buildings use it to exhaust a portable dryer and spray booth.


    Where can I buy exhaust vent pipe?

    This window vent uses dual 4 inch round exhaust outlets that can be vented with standard dryer vent ducting, which is readily available at most hardware and home improvement stores