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Flexible Duct Connector Pipe Coupler

Flexible Duct Connector Pipe Coupler

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Duct Connector Pipe Coupler

Heavy Duty Metal Duct Connectors That Are Built To Last

These heavy gauge couplers are made with 26 gauge galvanized steel and spot welded together to create a rugged coupler that won't bend out of shape. There are 3 size options; 4" inch, 6" inch, and 8" inch. These couplers are used to connect two pieces of round duct together, it's suitable for sheet metal duct or flexible duct.



  • Diameter: 4" Inch, 6" Inch, 8" Inch (3 sizes) 
  • Material: 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Non-Crimped Ends
  • Spot Welded 
  • Made In USA


Can it be used to connect ductwork?

Yes; these are heavy enough to use with ductwork but keep in mind they have non-crimped ends.