DIY Hobby Spray Booth Square to Round Fan Adapter


  • This Square to Round Fan Adapter was created by Vent Works to provide an easy way to exhaust the Dayton Blower 6FHX9. This adapter transitions from the odd-sized square exhaust outlet on the blower to a standard 4 inch circular duct and can be used with rigid, semi-rigid or flex duct. This adapter is made using thick 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel and is manufactured here in the USA.

    Note: You must bend the flange of the blower flush with the housing for the adapter's bolt pattern to lineup properly. This adapter may not fit other blowers because flange sizes and bolt patterns vary.

    Build your own spray booth and do it right the first time! Read the article to see how we did it.
    DIY Hobby Spray Booth

  • DIY Hobby Spray Booth Square to Round Fan Adapter Specifications:

  • Do I have to use a specific fan/blower?

    Yes, this adapter may work with other similar blowers but it was designed specifically for use with the Dayton Blower model 6FHX9. Learn more about this blower: Dayton Blower 6FHX9

    Does the fan mount panel require assembly?

    No, it comes as one piece with hardware and foam seal included.  Of course you still have to mount the blower yourself.

    Where should I use the foam seal?

    Use the foam seal around the blower/fans flange, any part of the adapter that touches the blower/fan should be sealed.

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